March 20
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YEREVAN. – Today the executive power is single, and this will bring a clarification in terms of making decisions, said ex-President, new Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan of Armenia, in an interview to a local TV company.

He noted this when asked whether there are projects which he could not implement as President, but he can as PM.

“The press was writing that I pledged to implement the Iran-Armenia railway and [some] other projects,” he noted, in particular.

In his words, however, a lot more money is needed to construct the Iran-Armenia railway than to build a highway, and therefore construction of the North-South Highway will be cheaper for the Armenian state, yet the result will be greater.

“As for the nuclear power plant, yes, we must always have nuclear energy,” said Sargsyan. “But we also need to think about to what extent and how to develop that domain.”

In his view, it is not as important to follow what has been said, as it is to act in the interests of the country.

“We live in a world where there are wars and crises,” noted the Armenian PM. “[But] we were able to overcome wars and crises; the GDP [of Armenia] grew 2.1 times.

“People’s lives have improved; that’s apparent. [But] I understand very well that now you have to say that, ‘Then if people’s lives have improved [in Armenia], why is there 30-percent poverty in the republic?’ (…) poverty is an assessment, whereas the GDP is a sum of accurate numbers. (…) and poverty is not assessed by income, but by consumption; there is something to think about here.”

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