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We have become witnesses to a new chapter in Armenia’s history where the most important thing was that this was an event that was developing from within the country.

US Ambassador Richard Mills told about the above-said to the Voice of America Armenian Service, as he reflected on the velvet revolution that took place in Armenia; he added that it was very impressive.

The diplomat noted that, at the same time, this was a result of the fact that, by working together for two decades, the US and Armenia developed and strengthened the voices which took forward these values of transparency and accountability.

When asked whether “new” Armenia will present greater interest for the US, Mills said they expect to collaborate with the new Armenian government, and that the latter’s priorities were important. He said the US embassy in Yerevan as well as the American government expected to work closely with the new Armenian government, to help it in fulfilling its goals. He expressed a view that the main domain where they can assist is promotion of trade and investment between the two countries.

The US ambassador informed that new American investments totaling $600 million were recorded in Armenia’s economy, over the course of the past three years. He added that in 2017, they recorded a 42-percent growth in trade between the two countries; and another 30-percent growth was recorded during the first four months of this year.

Richard Mills expressed a view that if the new government succeeds in recording progress in surmounting corruption and ensuring the independence of judicial power in Armenia, trade between the two countries will grow further, and that there was a real future for large trade and investment by the US.

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