October 22
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The revolutionary message to the judiciary could be conveyed without an action to block entrances to and exits from courts. This is stated in the statement by the political council of Republic Party.

The statement particularly reads as follows;

“Over the past year, Republic Party has supported the achievements made following the velvet revolution in Armenia and the constructive actions of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Throughout the past year, we have also constantly spoken out about the unacceptable actions that have been taken in the Republic of Armenia.

Analyzing the situation that has been created, the political council of Republic Party deems it necessary to record the following:

1. Nobody denies the fact that the judiciary in the Republic of Armenia is imperfect and there is a certain lack of confidence in the judiciary and judges, but this, by no means, does not mean violation of the Constitution, which guarantees exercise of state power in compliance with the Constitution and laws, hinged on separation of powers and checks-and-balances.

2. It is impossible to establish the independence of the judicial authority by hindering the activities of courts. The revolutionary message to the judiciary could be conveyed without an action to block entrances to and exits from courts.

3. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is acting like an opposition member and is taking actions that are making the Republic of Armenia vulnerable in the international arena and will have an impact on the country’s reputation, calling into question the country’s loyalty to democratic values.

4. The Republic Party considers the change of the preventive measure for Robert Kocharyan unacceptable, to say the least, but it also finds that release from custody doesn’t mean acquittal at all. On the contrary, Kocharyan can’t claim that he is a political prisoner. These actions fully serve as grounds for Robert Kocharyan to declare that this is all a matter of personal revenge, not justice. We can’t give him that winning card, much less through the Prime Minister.

5. We view the allegations of betrayal and conspiracy fired at the government of Artsakh and the threats to Artsakh as extremely dangerous and call on the Prime Minister to not give in to emotions. People in both Armenia and Azerbaijan are listening to his every word. Escalation of the situation in Artsakh ahead of the 2020 parliamentary and presidential elections may lead to unpredictable consequences, taking into consideration the external danger.

6. Republic Party is ready to participate in all the necessary steps to solve the situation and get things back on track.”

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