June 17
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The fact that Armenia is extending the state of emergency once again, but isn’t making progress in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic goes to show that the authorities and the government have failed. This is what deputy of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Ani Samsonyan told reporters today.

“I hope, but I also don’t think this will be the last state of emergency because we see that the authorities still fail to accept their mistakes and continue to give contradicting messages about the pandemic, and the country is in a crisis during which the state of emergency isn’t helping the country as a tool.”

As for the fact that the Armenian authorities say the parliamentary inquiry committee for the coronavirus has to be set up when the pandemic ends, Samsonyan said the committee will be set up in September. “The authorities say they don’t think it’s right to undertake such an initiative during the pandemic, and I deduce that, first, the pandemic won’t be over in September, and secondly, this is the authorities’ position for defense, meaning they say that if a committee is set up, the opposition will clarify issues that won’t be in the government’s favor,” the deputy said.

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