January 26
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The Armenian authorities used all the tools for silencing during martial law and implemented initiatives to set restrictions on the right of the media to freedom of expression. This is what deputy of Prosperous Armenia Party Iveta Tonoyan told Armenian

During the conversation, Tonoyan summed up the authorities’ attempts to ‘silence’ political opponents during martial law declared in Armenia over two months ago.

“In the period after November 9 when the parliamentary opposition and extra-parliamentary opposition and the representatives of various extra-parliamentary forces were protesting objectively and fairly, various tools were used. This concerns obstruction of assemblies and fines against assembled citizens (several hundreds of thousands of Armenian drams), detentions and the institution of various types of criminal cases. I think this is due to the fact that the authorities are in fear,” Tonoyan emphasized.

Tonoyan stressed that Prosperous Armenia Party isn’t considering giving an evaluation of the criminal cases launched against the deputies of Prosperous Armenia Party, the fines and the restriction on the right to freedom of expression now. “There are more important issues today. You know that the embarrassing capitulation document that was signed on November 9 will lead to several negative consequences. After the incident at Sotk mine, we understand how fragile the relative stability is. There are many issues that need to be solved,” she said.

According to Iveta Tonoyan, everyone will be held liable, but now is not the time to think about this. “There will come a time when all those who have tried to silence opponents, reputable people and have restricted the right to expression of free will and the right to freedom of movement. However, today, this is the last thing that concerns Prosperous Armenia Party. Today we have serious problems that pose a threat to the security of Artsakh and Armenia, and we are working in this direction,” she said.

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