July 29
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I have a good memory, I remember every building built in Spitak, even the faces of the builders. Second President Robert Kocharyan, the leader of the "Armenia" bloc that will run in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20, stated this at their rally with the residents of this town.

To note, Kocharyan is an honorary citizen of Spitak.

"I wanted to increase the pace of construction, as I was thinking about how I would look people in the eye during my next visit. Intensive construction in the area affected by the Spitak earthquake was a matter of honor and duty to me," the ex-President added.

He recalled that there was much less money in the country at that time. "But the road was always open for the builder. Our work was encouraging people from the [Armenian] diaspora—and even non-Armenians—to get involved in this work. Residential houses, houses of culture, facilities were being built," the former president reminded.

Kocharyan then asked himself: If the current Armenian government has not launched anything in Spitak for three years, with what “face” do they go to Spitak, hold a rally at the same square, and ask voters to trust them?

After the rally, Robert Kocharyan, Reviving Armenia Party leader Vahe Hakobyan, and ARF Dashnaktsutyun Party representative Ishkhan Saghatelyan walked to the monument to the victims of the 1988 Spitak earthquake, laid flowers, and paid tribute to these victims.

More than 25,000 residents of Lori and Shirak Provinces of Armenia fell victim to this devastating earthquake. The issue of post-earthquake housing in the area has not been completely resolved yet.

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