July 24
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Yesterday the Armenian public was rejoiced over the return of our prisoners of war, but the political opposition was mourning and weeping. This is what acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said as he touched upon the return of 15 Armenian prisoners of war during a campaign meeting in Yeghvard.

“Yes, mine maps were returned to Azerbaijan, but the opposition is trying to create the impression that Armenia returned all that it had. This isn’t the case at all. Armenia has returned a small part, but I can say it’s a tangible part,” he said.

According to Pashinyan, a certain number of maps have been exchanged since December 2020.

“Armenia is surprised that Azerbaijan wasn’t taking any action to advance this process when there were several people dying on mines. We didn’t exchange the maps for prisoners of war, we took a step in exchange of the step that was taken, and we’re ready to continue to do so,” he said, adding that the process needs to be ongoing.

According to Pashinyan, Armenia’s international partners have assured that they will double and even multiply their efforts to lead the process until the end.

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