July 25
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YEREVAN. – Iravunk daily of Armenia writes: According to rumors circulating in the air, [acting PM] Nikol Pashinyan has instructed all provincial governors to pursue and find a clear justification for dismissal in order to dismiss those [school] principals and educators who, although are forced to come to his [election] campaigns, but from underneath support another [political] force [running in the snap parliamentary elections this Sunday].

Such problems have arisen especially in Aragatsotn, Shirak, and Lori provinces after Nikol had uproarious failures in pre-election meetings. As a result, he has instructed to find out in every possible way and expose the "players from underneath."

Our source also informs that such a demand has put the [provincial governors in a deadlock. The thing is that, for example, in order to get rid of a teacher who works for other forces, [he/she] needs to be informed about it from the school principal. But how when many school principals themselves work on another wing, becoming an example for teachers? And while they will be informed through other channels, the elections will be over.

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