July 28
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Human Rights Defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan today posted on his Facebook page a video which, according to him, presents irrefutable evidence that the Azerbaijani authorities are (1) illegally keeping all captives of the Armenian side as hostages for political bargains, (2) committing a criminal offence (human trafficking), (3) continuously misleading the international community, insisting that the captives are allegedly terrorists or saboteurs and (4) organizing phony trials over the captives.

The video shows the Presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan who, according to the Human Rights Defender, say that the captives of the Armenian side are illegally kept in Azerbaijan for the exchange of certain mine maps in parts.

“The Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia has translated the video into Russian and English and has conducted an analysis of the video. It will be forwarded to the specialized agencies of the UN, the OSCE and other international organizations along with the official letter of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia,” Tatoyan added on his Facebook page.

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