July 26
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Azerbaijan has even resorted to blackmail, demanding from Armenia the opening of the so-called "Zangezur corridor" in exchange for the Lachin corridor. The idea was voiced as a “test bubble” by Azerbaijani political scientist Eldar Namazov in an interview with Azerbaijani media.

It should be reminded that the Lachin corridor connects Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), and Turkey and Azerbaijan are trying their best to get the "Zangezur corridor" through Armenia's Syunik Province.

Namazov confirmed that the declaration signed recently by the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey in the occupied Armenian city of Shushi in Artsakh refers to the establishment of an Azerbaijani-Turkish military alliance. The deployment of a Turkish military unit in Aghdam has already been announced. According to previous agreements, however, it was about the Turkish specialists’ participation in the work of the monitoring center.

By a strange coincidence, the day before the announcement of the Turkish military unit entering Aghdam, Armenia handed over to Azerbaijan the maps of the minefields of Aghdam. "And now the Azerbaijani army is forming an alliance with the Turkish army, which is the second strongest army in NATO, which has already successfully used advanced technologies during hostilities in Syria and Libya," said the Azerbaijani political scientist.

"In turn, Azerbaijan, which has the second strongest army in the CIS, also is having a great influence. So the formation of an alliance between the two countries is the main point of the declaration signed in Shusha [(i.e., Shushi)], and the new alliance—with its military potential—becomes one of the most essential geopolitical factors in the Eurasian continent," Namazov said.

Referring to the declaration’s point on the opening of the "Zangezur corridor," he claims that "the trilateral agreement signed on November 10, 2020 includes two transport corridors: Lachin and Zangezur, which connect the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic with mainland Azerbaijan via Meghri [region of Armenia].

But either Namazov knows some other document, or it is an obvious lie and falsification. In the trilateral document mentioned by Namazov, the statement—although Namazov calls it an "agreement"— does not mention the “Zangezur corridor” at all.

In other words, this statement talks about unblocking all communications, not at the discretion of Azerbaijan and Turkey. The fact that we are talking about selective "corridors" is also evidenced by the fact that the leaders of the two Turkish states emphasize Armenia's "benefit" from the opening of the "Zangezur corridor," as if Armenia will thus have access to Russia, whereas absolutely nothing is said about the existence of a shorter route through Tavush Province of Armenia and the Kazakh region.

In fact, the Azerbaijani-Turkish tandem, not limiting itself to falsifying publicly accessible documents, is openly blackmailing Armenia. Given that the Lachin corridor is currently under the responsibility of Russian peacekeepers, such "corridor in exchange for corridor" blackmail attempts are becoming even more sinister, apparently with the aim of provoking Russia to take drastic steps.

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