December 05
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The authorities might throw the whole blame for the defeat in the war on former Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia Onik Gasparyan. This is what human rights activist Ruben Melikyan said during Armenian’s show TALK TIME.

“To a certain extent, this is justified. I don’t view him as an army general at all,” he said.

According to him, the probe committee of the National Assembly will comprise members who are personally responsible for the thousands of victims, loss of the homeland and the lies.

“I believe we need to question the lawfulness of the committee. The political authorities have committed severe crimes. If this is the case, the authorities will launch other criminal cases in order to distract people, and they are doing this. All those who died after October 19 are on the conscience of Nikol Pashinyan. Moreover, there might have been opportunities to stop the war on October 7. Nevertheless, there might have been an agreement. That was when the authorities started misleading the population and played a very dirty game. I am inclined to think that Aliyev isn’t lying in this case,” Melikyan said.

The human rights activist emphasized that if Armenia signs under the document and recognizes Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity along with Artsakh, this will mean that Armenia is renouncing what any people sacrificed their lives for.

“This will be a great tragedy. I doubt that Armenia isn’t capable of leading its own policy after everything that happened. Armenia doesn’t have a government that would want to and could protect the country’s interests. The only thing left for us Armenians to do is to hope for balance of interests of superpowers which might meet our interests,” he said.

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