December 03
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Russia stands for the rigorous implementation of all the agreements reached by the leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan to resolve the protracted conflict, which has repeatedly plunged into a dangerous bloody spiral, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, commenting on Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's call to deploy international observers on the Armenian border.

"There is a lot planned there. There is both theory and practice, there is a statement of what happened and a plan for the future. These documents are agreed not just between a mediator and each individual country, but between countries that are part of the history of this long conflict. This is what makes them invaluable, and they really are a real roadmap, not an imaginary roadmap. I think that quite a few people, politicians, public figures, both inside the states that are united by the agreement, and especially in Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as outside, want to substitute themselves or their ideas for what they have agreed upon.  They promise a lot, they know how to promise. True, they haven't done much over the years, and there are no results. And those agreements, which were worked out, have not remained on paper, they are being implemented stage by stage, step by step. Not everything is realized the way we want, because we always want the maximum, but at the same time it works. So it seems to me that we should not substitute something imaginary for what is really working. But this is probably a general rule," said Zakharova.

On September 28 the Armenian Defense Ministry reported that starting from 6 p.m. the Azerbaijani armed forces started firing from mortars and heavy infantry weapons at the Armenian positions in the eastern direction of the border. The Armenian side resorted to retaliatory actions. As a result of the Azerbaijani provocation, three Armenian servicemen were killed.

Pashinyan then posted a Twitter post noting that the Azerbaijani incursion should be stopped and international observers should be stationed on the border. "Withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops and deployment of an international observer mission on the Armenian territories affected by Azerbaijani occupation and bordering areas is an absolute necessity," he said.

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