February 29
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David Amaryan, an Armenian entrepreneur and investor, the founder and executive director of the Balchug Capital, together with his brother Vardan Amaryan, a businessman and the founder of the Armenian Apricot Capital investment company, established the Amaryan Charitable Foundation.

With extensive experience in the international business arena, both David and Vardan Amaryan have launched this initiative to provide direct support to their compatriots - forcibly displaced Armenians of Artsakh during this challenging time for Armenia.

The Foundation focuses on advancing educational programs, promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports, nurturing cultural initiatives, and providing assistance to the youth through various strategic projects.

The Foundation's journey commenced from the Syunik region, specifically in Verishen, the ancestral village of the Amaryan family.

“It is a great tragedy for me to witness the ongoing pan-Armenian disaster and an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. It has resulted in multi-sectoral and complex issues demanding the implementation of comprehensive, long-term, and strategic programs in collaboration with government, international organizations, and public institutions, based on the periodic needs assessment. I believe these programs should be consistent and unceasing. Thanks to the foundation, we will focus on enhancing educational opportunities and improving teaching excellence in Armenia, emphasizing the invaluable role that education plays in the future of our country. Despite widespread business success and operations in various countries, we have remained faithful to our roots and history. Our activities and many projects have always been committed to fostering Armenia's growth and economic development. And today, more than ever, the unity of global Armenians is of high importance,” said David Amaryan, Co-Founder of Amaryan Charitable Foundation.

“What happened in Artsakh poses a big challenge both for Armenia and the whole Armenian community. We have a clear objective: to ensure that every Armenian has the opportunity to live and create with dignity. Our foundation's initiatives will consistently establish the prerequisites necessary for realizing this opportunity. With numerous ideas at hand, we will implement them based on the short-term and long-term needs of our beneficiaries,” added Vardan Amaryan, Co-Founder of Amaryan Charitable  Foundation.

89 compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh who have found accommodation in Verishen village in Syunik region, alongside 157 socially disadvantaged people within the village, became the first beneficiaries of the Amaryan Charitable Foundation. The Foundation provided them essential support, offering warm coats and shoes. Additionally, children from Artsakh received comprehensive school packages containing stationery and bags.

Amaryan brothers extended aid to the Verishen school, home to 345 students and honored as Syunik's top school in 2022. The Foundation contributed essential materials for gymnasium repairs and an array of sports equipment, including 30 sets each of basketball, volleyball, and soccer gear, alongside 10 sets of tennis rackets and balls, complemented by various accessories, such as volleyball and football nets.

The Foundation’s initial budget for its initiatives is 122 million AMD, allocated for execution in Syunik throughout 2023-2024. The Foundation is firmly committed to maintaining continuity and extending its programs in other regions and communities in Armenia.

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