February 29
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Alen Simonyan, speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, assures that he will do everything so that there may be peace.

"I read the comments of one of the news under the part of my briefing where I said that the time will come for Armenians and Azerbaijanis to live next to each other. It is clear that nothing new has been said and there is no revelation that the best way for two neighboring states to survive is to live in peace and conduct trade. There are many examples of living in peace after long bloody wars, and there is simply no alternative.

But, lo and behold, the comments were about something else. There was nothing of substance, just insults and anxiety. I tried to grasp who these people are who are so heartbroken and do not want to live side by side with Azerbaijanis, and nothing surprising was revealed.

(…) it turns out that most of them live in the RF [(Russian Federation)], and, for example, he, from the city of Stavropol, does not want Armenians to live side by side with Azerbaijanis, and although writes Russian letters, in his opinion, Armenian, often even excellent command of Russian and Armenian does not help to fully understand what that Armenian wanted to say.

And a small part lives in the US and, naturally, also does not want [Armenians of Armenia] to live side by side with Azerbaijanis and considers what I said unacceptable.

And there is also an interesting type [of Armenians] that is distinguished by the splendor of curses, and I can say with certainty that the more magnificent the curses are, the farther they live from Armenia and how quickly they disappear when you try to make contact and grasp what has angered so much that patriotic young Armenian living in Stavropol, who posted pictures of Jesus and weapons on his [social media] page, and videotaped the car's speedometer.

But don't think I'm complaining or upset. It's clear that a public person, a politician can and should be criticized, especially in our time (…).

On the contrary, let them learn, listen, record that I will do everything so that there may be peace, so that they can take their families peacefully, without fear of anything and ultimately return to live in Armenia," Simonyan wrote, in particular, on his Telegram account.

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