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Production of the open-top version of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class was discontinued in 2014, and this body style was never offered in the current W463-II generation. And Mercedes-Benz has never produced two-door G-Class AMG cabriolets, reports But Ahmed Al Bakry, a German entrepreneur of Arab origin, has decided to fill this gap.

The idea to make a cabriolet based on the Mercedes-Benz W463 came to him when he was in a traffic jam in the G Brabus he built for his son and the latter suggested: "Baba, why don't you make this with a soft top so it opens, and a small door for me so I can get in and out?"

The entrepreneur took the regular W463 convertible as standard to turn the Mercedes-AMG G63 W463-II into an open-air model. It has the same recognizable body shape with standard winged doors and triangular windows behind them. But this German entrepreneur's creation has one striking difference: back doors that open against traffic. True, they are narrow; only a small breed dog can enter the cabin through such doors.

The creator's friends, rich entrepreneurs from the Middle East, liked the car so much that the idea was commercialized. And Al Bakry eventually built two dozen of these cabriolets through his company, Refined Marques, which sold for at least $1.3 million each. This success story was told by Motor1.

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