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We do not think in terms of spheres of influence, we think in terms of the rights of each nation to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity. French Ambassador to Armenia Olivier Decottignies stated this in an interview with Armenpress—and referring to the fact that Azerbaijan actively buys weapons from Turkey, Israel and other countries, while the president of Azerbaijan accuses France of arming Armenia and contributing to the escalation of tension in the South Caucasus, and certain cycles also express an opinion that the European Union—represented by France—wants to weaken Russia's influence in the South Caucasus..

"And it is actually not only a French concern. Many times the past few years, neighboring country of Armenia like Iran, have expressed concern about Armenia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We disagree with Iran on many issues, but this is one issue we agree on. And I think actually all UN member states should agree on that because under the UN Charter, all UN member states recognize and ought to support the integrity and sovereignty of other member states. That is a general obligation.

When it comes to the Azerbaijani stated concerns, they can be sure that the type of cooperation and the equipment that we are providing to Armenia are aimed at defending the country; it is purely defensive. Let me give you a good example: when we talk about air defense, if you don't enter the airspace of Armenia, you will never face the air defense of Armenia; it is a defensive capability," said the French ambassador to Armenia.

According to him, defense cooperation with Armenia is about the sovereignty of the country and the protection of its territory and people.

"It was clearly stated from the very beginning that all that we are providing—weapons, equipment, training—is consistent with that goal," Decottignies added.

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