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Reporters Without Borders issue statement on Hrant Dink trial

15:06, 17.01.2012 Region: World News, Armenia, Diaspora, Turkey Theme: Politics, Society, Incidents

Reporters Without Borders issued a statement on the end of the Hrant Dink trail. The verdict will be probably passed on Tuesday.  

 “Whatever it decides, we do not expect a lot from this court. Five years after Dink’s murder, this court has proved to be powerless to shed light on all the complicity within the state apparatus and to identify the masterminds. No one can regard this case as solved. Elements within the police and judicial apparatus have been obstructing the investigation up until the final moment. The end of this trial will almost certainly confirm the failure of a judicial system that did not give itself the resources it needed to get at the truth,” the statement reads.

“There is only a faint hope that justice will finally be rendered to Dink. Everything now depends on the desire and ability of the prosecutor’s office to assemble enough evidence to open a new trial. Countless aspects of this case still need to be clarified and a new judicial investigation is absolutely essential. Together with Dink’s family and colleagues, we hope the end of this sham trial will mark a new start to the investigation and we will press for this with more determination than ever.”

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