March 05
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The Azerbaijani soldier, who had recorded the recent downing of an Armenian helicopter on video and had posted it on the Internet, has been punished.

The respective statement came from the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) of Azerbaijan, Vagif Dergahly, in response to a comment by MP Agil Abbas, reported ANS TV of Azerbaijan.

A meeting with the participation of Azerbaijani government and media representatives was held Friday, during which matters of information security were discussed.

Dergahly said that the aforesaid soldier was immediately identified.

“Serious measures were taken in his regard. It’s just that there is information we can’t disclose, and we ask for your understanding,” the Azerbaijan MOD spokesperson stated.

The Azerbaijani armed forces violated the ceasefire and shot down a Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) Air Force helicopter on November 12. The chopper was downed during a training flight, and it crashed very close to the Karabakh-Azerbaijan Line of Contact. As a result, three pilots were killed: the commander of the helicopter, Major Sergey Sahakyan, as well as Senior Lieutenant Sargis Nazaryan and Lieutenant Azat Sahakyan.

The adversary, on the other hand, was firing intensive shots toward the crash site, thus, not allowing access to the area. But the remains of these three Armenian military servicemen plus some necessary parts of the chopper were retrieved from the helicopter’s crash site through a special operation by the NKR armed forces. The Azerbaijanis suffered serious casualties during this operation, whereas the Armenian side sustained none.

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