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Armenian Prime Minister noted that he is aware of the criticisms by the RPA faction, but there is one important difference, Pashinyan said during live stream on Facebook, referring to absence in Gvernment today.

"On Wednesday I came to Moscow and missed Government Q&A, and I know that the representatives of the RPA faction spoke of the fact that I had previously criticized the prime ministers who had missed Q&A in the National Assembly and I'm doing the same thing : I want to emphasize a very important difference. In the previous Constitution, it was clearly stated that the Prime Minister and members of the Government should respond to the MPs' questions at the Wednesday session. In the new Constitution, which is the Constitution of the RPA, the circumstance of the prime minister is not emphasized, which creates a de jure opportunity that the prime minister sometimes can miss the Q&As, "Nikol Pashinyan stated.

The prime minister assured that the parliamentary questions and answers are very important, but since the Constitution gives the opportunity to be absent, he has taken full advantage of that right.

"So, please ask our Republican colleagues not to worry because what I said is in force," he added.

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