October 19
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YEREVAN. -  The faction of the Republican Party of Armenia issued a statement in connection with the internal political events in the republic.

The statement, in particular, notes that the purpose of the bill amending and supplementing the National Assembly regulations adopted by the parliament was to ensure the natural course of activities of the parliament in cases when quorum cannot be provided due to an emergency or artificial obstacles for the deputies.

“The proposed procedure is simple. The meeting is suspended until the prerequisites for the normal course of the meeting are restored. Talking about the unconstitutionality of the project is a manipulation, since the project in no way interrupts, does not cancel, does not change any constitutional deadlines, but merely determines the provisions of the regulations relating to the activities of the National Assembly,”the statement says.

The RPA insists that despite speculations the bill fully complies with the Constitution, however, yesterday, upon the call of the Prime Minister, voting on the bill was postponed so as not to interfere with the negotiations.

“After the voting was postponed, the Prime Minister, violating the agreement on negotiations, unexpectedly announced the plans to hold of extraordinary parliamentary elections in December, which forced us to convene an extraordinary meeting and vote on the draft law,” the statement said.

The statement adds that the PM responded to the adoption of the bill by organizing a mass rally in the protected area of ​​the National Assembly, thus “besieging the National Assembly”.

“The Prime Minister’s determination of the timing of extraordinary parliamentary elections in December is not due to the draft law, but was already decided by him. A simple evidence of this is that during the meeting we were proposed options for suspending the law, which were rejected,” the statement says.

The RPA faction said Pashinyan came to the parliament only to present an ultimatum with his only goal being to inform about the decision.

Under these conditions, the RPA faction did not give any consent or promise to the Prime Minister.

The RPA faction continues to believe that it is necessary to implement the program for holding elections in May-June 2019 that was set in the government’s program and announced in the previous statements by the prime minister, after reforming the Electoral Code and giving reasonable time for political forces to get ready.

In parallel with these processes, we note the importance of the smooth functioning of the National Assembly within the framework of the Constitution and law.

“We consider unacceptable any pressure on the National Assembly, at the same time stressing the need and the possibility of resolving the situation politically,”the statement reads.

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