December 03
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Being in Armenia, getting the opportunity to baptize my children here in Armenia means everything to us, said Kim Kardashian during her talk at WCIT 2019 in Yerevan with the moderator, founding board member and first investor of Salesforce, Magdalena Yesil  (PHOTOS).

Talking about the beginning of her career, she noted: “it was an evolution of finding my confidence and power, I’ve got to do it in front of the world,” she said noting that the main message is that everybody, especially women, should understand that it is normal to figure it out as you go.

As long as you learn from every step of your way, every mistake or every success and as long as it is the part of your story you are doing the right thing, she states.

Touching upon the privacy issue while being a media star, she noted that at the beginning she do not really know what privacy really means, but while getting older, according to her, she figure out some really good balance of sharing what she wants to share.

"When a safety can be a factor, and when there are so many eyes on you, I learn first hand that if you share too much it could be a little bit dangerous at times,” she said.

Asked to comment on how she keeps up her franchise and how much she is involved in the project, Kim said she is involved in every step start starting from the logo-design when it comes to beauty, fragrance and shape-wear.

According to her, the products she wants to release should be super authentic and really thought out.

“Because my brand is primarily directed consumer, I feel like I have a huge responsibly to come with the perfect campaign and products,” she said.

Touching upon the topic of her digital product ‘Kim Kardashian Hollywood’ launched almost five years ago, she said: “I am really proud of Kim Kardashian Hollywood,  it was my first tech venture.”

Asked by Magdalena Yesil how often she conducts market research, she noted that “sometimes it is not beneficial to look to the right and left” as when she is trying to keep up with the trend it ‘hasn’t served her as well’.

Commenting on holding such a huge tech conference in Armenia, she noted that she is so proud to be here.

“Being in Armenia, getting the opportunity to baptize my children here in Armenia means everything to us,” she noted.

“People all around the world are so excited to be here at the tech conference that is happening in Armenia , thank you for having me, I am so happy to be here,” she noted.

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