May 17
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Turkish union on human right protection convened a conference regarding the April 24 killing of an Armenian soldier Sevak Sahin.

Human right activists demanded that his death circumstances should be thoroughly investigated, Turkish Bianet website reported. The participants stressed that there is no evidence that murderer, Kvanc Agaoglu, was Sevak’s close friend as Turkish armed forces were trying to present. It is also unclear why Agaoglu’s gun was loaded.

At a press conference lawyer of Sevak’s relatives said nationalists were disturbing Sevak during his service. The lawyer also noted that Kvanc Agaoglu is a nationalist and the evidence thereof is his remarks on Facebook account.

Earlier mother of killed Armenian soldier was taken to the military unit where the tragic incident occurred.

25-year-old Sevak graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, IstanbulTechnicalUniversity. He served in the military unit of the gendarmerie in Kozluk district of Batman province. He would have discharged from the army in 23 days. Gendarmerie stated he was killed from gunshot wounds, while playing with a gun with his friend on April 24 However, Sevak’s parents do not believe in it and demand a thorough investigation of his death.

One of witnesses Fazla Keskin told that hearing the shot Sevak said: “What have you done? Kvanc, help me.”

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