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Since the last update, the new losses of the adversary—the Azerbaijani army—are: 11 UAVs, 2 TOS, 12 armored vehicles, and 75 casualties, the Armenian Unified Infocenter informed.

The Infocenter also presented the losses of the Azerbaijani army since September 27 when it launched a large-scale attack against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), targeting the civilian population, too.

Accordingly, as of Saturday morning, the Artsakh Defense Army has destroyed 16 combat helicopters, 24 warplanes, 217 military drones, 600 armored vehicles, six TOS heavy artillery systems, as well as four Smerch and one Uragan rocket launcher systems of the adversary.

Also, the Azerbaijani army has over 6,614 casualties in total so far.

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