June 16
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The Armenian-Azerbaijani memorandum is a real document, Kapan Mayor Gevorg Parsyan told Yerkir Media TV company.

"The six-point Armenian-Azerbaijani memorandum is a real document. I learned about it back in January," he noted calling it 'a document of great importance.' 

"It cannot be fake, because the rest of the points are already being implemented. That is, the sections of the Goris-David Bek and Kapan-Chakaten roads are regulated in accordance with the agreement. After the document signed on November 9, this document was signed, which clearly states that on December 18 we must move away from positions advantageous for us until November 9. There is nothing in this memorandum regarding borders," Parsyan said.

He said that on different sections of the road, the Azerbaijanis placed signs that were later used in their favor, and they were placed in the most advantageous positions.

"On January 22, Azerbaijanis placed a signpost on the Kapan-Chakaten section. Of course, these are provocative actions. Since our citizens could not pass by with indifference, they spoiled the pointer. And it so happened that the Azerbaijanis, in order to protect their property, relocated, that is, they settled on the other side of the road, not a higher section, and this section of the road completely passed under their supervision. All this is very disturbing. We spoke with the Human Rights Defender about the frequent shooting that worried our residents.

At the same time, one cannot say that snipers can hit everyone right at home. This is more metaphorically speaking. But now our main highway, airport and many settlements are under the control of Azerbaijanis. If they want to create problems for the villagers, they will," he added.

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