June 14
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Azerbaijan is not only failing to implement the provisions on the unconditional return of prisoners of war stated in the trilateral statement, but is also daringly trying to present the prisoners of war as ‘mercenaries’ and launching phony criminal cases against them.

According to Turan, Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Kamran Aliyev told reporters about regular criminal cases that have been launched, including the case against citizens of Lebanon who are of Armenian descent and whom Azerbaijan is trying to present as ‘mercenaries’, even though the Azerbaijanis also know very well that this isn’t the case.

A criminal case against a citizen of Lebanon has already been forwarded to the Military Court of Baku. Aliyev declared that investigations into criminal cases against other terrorists are almost over.

One of the citizens of Lebanon is citizen Euljekjian, who was born in 1979 and is charged with participation of a mercenary in military clashes or military operations, terrorism committed by a group of persons acting in conspiracy and trespassing of the state border of Azerbaijan.

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