December 01
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Iran has increased its stocks of 60% enriched uranium approximately fourfold - from 2.4 kg to 10 kg - over the past three months, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran reported, excerpts from which are quoted on Tuesday by Bloomberg and Reuters.

Iran's reserves include approximately 10 kg of uranium enriched to 60% purity, according to an extract from the report, which is quoted by Reuters.

Iran has increased its stock of 20% enriched uranium from 63 to 84 kg. At the same time, the reserves of enriched uranium with a purity of less than 5% fell from 3,141 kg to 2,278 kg, but the reason is that a large amount of 2% uranium was enriched to a purity of 5%, TASS reports.

The IAEA also said that Iran has not yet provided the agency with access to monitoring equipment.
Iran's failure to meet the agency's requests for access to its monitoring equipment seriously undermines the agency's technical capabilities, Bloomberg quoted the report as saying.

IAEA inspectors noted that the information provided by Iran on the alleged nuclear facilities is technically incompatible with the results of observations. IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi reiterated his concern that Iran still did not provide the agency with explanations about the presence of uranium particles at several sites that have not been officially declared by Tehran as nuclear.

Grossi also expressed his readiness to pay a visit to Iran to discuss the situation with the new leadership of the country.

The CEO is increasingly concerned that, after about two years, there are still unresolved guarantees outlined above for four sites in Iran that have not been declared to the agency, reads a report.

Since April, in-person talks between Iran and the international five (Russia, Great Britain, Germany, China, and France) have been held in Vienna with the aim of restoring the Iranian nuclear agreement in its original form: lifting US sanctions on Iran, fulfilling nuclear obligations by Tehran, returning the United States to the deal. The production of weapons-grade uranium in the country is a violation of the terms of the deal.

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