April 16
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The time has come to form a comprehensive strategy for the economic development of the large Eurasian Economic Partnership, which will reflect all major international challenges, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His remarks came at a plenary meeting of the Eurasian Economic Forum via videoconferencing, RIA Novosti reports.

“The time has come to form a comprehensive strategy for the development of a large Eurasian partnership, and it should reflect the key international challenges facing us, as well as define long-term goals, contain tools and mechanisms to achieve them,” Putin said.

According to him, it is necessary to consider further steps to develop a system of trade and investment agreements, including with the participation of the SCO, ASEAN and BRICS member states. 

“We can talk about the formation of new agreements that develop and supplement the WTO rules. It is important to pay attention not only to tariffs, but also to the elimination of non-tariff barriers, which can have more significant effects without exposing national economies to risks,” Russian president noted.

He voiced a number of proposals for the development of partnerships. In particular, he suggested thinking about creating a Eurasian export center and trading houses, speeding up work on the formation of a Eurasian reinsurance company, and studying the development of cross-border special economic zones, perhaps even with supranational powers.

“It is important to actively develop cooperation between the EurAsEC and foreign partners, to inform them about the benefits and advantages of the work of the EurAsEC, about our key projects and plans. 

Colleagues know that interest in our association is growing. 

In this context, the EurAsEC Business Council, which is already successfully developing ties outside the perimeter of the union, could play a significant role - its system of business dialogues can become an example for a potential platform for business cooperation in Greater Eurasia,” Putin said.

“It is desirable to support the freedom of business initiative, the creative activity of business, our investors. 

I propose to create additional, better incentives for them, to participate more actively in financing Eurasian projects. 

Companies representing the national businesses of the EurAsEC countries, of course, should receive priority support here,” he noted.

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