August 20
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Greece is secretly deploying Israeli weapons systems to counter Turkish UAVs, writes independent columnist and analyst Paul Iddon in an article for Forbes magazine.

Turkish production drones are a major problem for Greece, and Athens has recently begun to solve this problem with the help of Israeli know-how.

Greece has secretly planted a veritable enemy drone umbrella over islands and other important installations across the country over the past two months, Vassilis Nedos wrote in the Greek daily Kathimerini.

The system uses Israeli technology to blind drones and disrupt their flight plans.

Essentially, this is a version of the UAV defense system that has characteristics similar to those of the Israeli Drone Dome, but adapted to the specific needs of Greece and the geographical topography of the islands and other border areas, Nedos wrote.

Rafael offers its customers customized versions of the system, as was most likely the case for Greece in this case.

Greek-Israeli defense ties have recently expanded. In 2021, the two countries signed the largest $1.68 billion defense deal in their history, which included the acquisition of an M-346 trainer aircraft and the establishment of a flight school in Greece. Therefore, it is not surprising that Athens has acquired the Drone Dome and possibly other similar Israeli systems.

Greece's current acquisition of 24 generation fighter jets from France, its upgrade of 84 F-16s to the latest Block 72 configuration and possible future acquisition of at least 20 fifth generation F-5s, 35 Lightning II stealth aircraft will provide the Hellenic Air Force with a significant technological advantage over its Turkish rival by the end of this decade.

On the other hand, Turkey already has a much larger and more advanced drone fleet.

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