January 28
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The UN welcomes the ceasefire agreements between Armenia and Azerbaijan and hopes that the ceasefire will be respected. The UN Special Representative of the UN Secretary General Miroslav Jenca said this.

He said the two countries have sent letters to the UN secretary general and the UN Security Council alleging that the Russian-brokered 2020 cease-fire has been violated. The UN cannot verify or confirm the specific elements contained in these reports, but we are deeply concerned about this dangerous escalation and in particular the possible impact on civilians. The UN urged the parties to take concrete steps to defuse tensions.  They are keeping open channels of communication with the authorities of the two countries and are ready to respond to humanitarian needs as necessary and if circumstances permit, he said, adding that this week's clashes were the latest in a series of incidents that underscore the fact that the normalization process between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues to face serious obstacles.

According to Jenca the escalation also underscores the urgent need for the parties to move forward with delimitation and demarcation in mutual recognition of their territorial integrity and sovereignty. We urge the parties to take advantage of this important mechanism as a crucial step toward defusing tensions at the border. This week's events were also a reminder that tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan have the potential to destabilize the region. There is a need for all players in and outside the region to act constructively and put pressure on the sides to work towards a peaceful settlement.  In this regard, a number of countries are making efforts in the region, in particular the EU and the Russian Federation. The UN supported these efforts, which can lay the groundwork for the resumption of dialogue on the path to long-term peace.

He said the UN will send a mission to the country at Armenia's request to assess the situation on the border, with subsequent reports to member states.

Jenca said that the parties should remain fully committed to a peaceful settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan and every effort should be made to defuse the current tensions so that the parties can return to the negotiating table to help them achieve peace and stability in the region, and called on the parties to fulfill their obligations under the November 9, 2020 trilateral cease-fire statement. The UN urged the parties to return to the negotiating table and take steps toward signing a treaty.

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