December 02
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Azerbaijani President voiced a program of deportation and genocide of Artsakh Armenians, David Babayan, foreign minister of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic), said when asked by to comment on Aliyev's recent statements that Artsakh Armenians who do not want to live in Azerbaijan "may look for a new place of residence."

"The question is what goal he sets for himself. The Azerbaijani president has stated clearly and frankly that the main goal is to absorb Artsakh, and those who do not agree can leave. We know that they have lists of several thousand people that they intend to shoot, we know that for sure. Naturally, the vast majority of the population, 99.9% will leave Artsakh, if, of course, it suddenly ends up in Azerbaijan. No one will stay here. So, Aliyev voiced a program of deportation and genocide of Armenians. How he will achieve this and with whom he will talk on these topics is another matter. I think that hardly anyone from Artsakh will talk to him about the dismantling of the Artsakh statehood. And we have to be very honest with ourselves and with the world. That's what is waiting for us. We very much regret that the world community remains mute to Aliyev's hateful words," the Minister said.

Answering a question about Europe's lenient attitude towards Azerbaijan, David Babayan said: "Today they buy gas and therefore turn a blind eye to the violations of Artsakh people's rights, tomorrow they will have gas chambers."

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