December 01
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Armenian Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan emphasized that Armenia relies on its own efforts and the support of its partners, particularly Iran, the European Union, and the United States. He made this statement during an interview on Public Television, highlighting the varying levels of support Armenia receives from different allies.

Simonyan pointed out that interpretations of events often align with the interests of specific countries, referring to the Russian authorities' approach to certain issues. He expressed frustration that despite Armenia's extensive efforts over three years following the war, the mechanisms for resolving certain issues, including the return of Armenian prisoners and the November 9th statement, have not yielded results.

Regarding Russia's alliance agreement with Azerbaijan, Simonyan noted that Azerbaijan had taken actions that were previously unimaginable, such as killing Russians and providing aid to Ukraine. These actions had consequences that were not favorable for the region.

“They (the Russian authorities) interpret everything as they see fit.

Our prisoners who still have not returned do not count, the statement of November 9 does not count...

After the war, we did everything for at least three years, but this mechanism does not work.

For how long do we have to wait?

Until their problem is solved? Every day people die. And is it really true that what is being done against us is the result of weakness, and not of consent? Russia signed an alliance agreement with Azerbaijan. But the Azerbaijanis allowed themselves everything -- from killing Russians to sending aid to Ukraine. And what did this lead to?

During the Azerbaijani aggression, the Russian Foreign Ministry called on the parties to show restraint, but Armenia was not even a party. In this sense, they tried to turn Armenia into a party to the conflict and penetrate into Armenian territory,” the speaker said.

Simonyan also addressed the concentration of Azerbaijani troops along the border with Armenia, stating that tensions were diminishing, and Azerbaijani forces were withdrawing. He reiterated Armenia's reliance on its partners, including Iran, the European Union, and the United States, which, unlike its main ally, have provided support during these challenging times, he said.

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