December 02
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Social workers of the Unified Social Service assess the needs of citizens being displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia through the platform. Zara Manucharyan, press secretary of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, told

"Citizens who pass through the humanitarian station are supported by our social workers so that they can reflect their needs on that platform. In other words, they have the opportunity to present there what they need, for example, housing, food, clothing, any other essentials, they can also present if there is a need for services, for example, if there is a disabled person in the family or elderly people who need care. All that information is available for provincial and village administrations. The process of satisfying the needs is carried out with the coordination of provincial administrations," said Zara Manucharyan.

Referring to some complaints that aid does not arrive on time, Manucharyan responded: "Basically, there are alerts from those who don't want to settle at the moment, for example, in the Syunik province, they want somewhere else, and there are announcements, for example, that they are looking for an apartment in Yerevan."

Asked whether state administration manages to carry out all these works, or is there a need to involve volunteers, Manucharyan responded that now, the works are being carried out with the available resources, which are fully satisfactory.

She also noted that even though they said that there is no need for additional funds or resources or for private initiatives, but they continue to receive requests from NGOs and international partners that offer help.

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