March 01
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During the briefing with you after today's government session, while talking about the health condition of the persons affected by the incident at YSU [(Yerevan State University)], I presented the information available about their health condition at the time of my visit to the National Center of Burns and Dermatology yesterday, when the health condition of two was also assessed as severe. Anahit Avanesyan, Minister of Health of Armenia, noted this on Facebook Thursday.

"Sadly, the condition of one of the patients worsened dramatically (which is also one of the features of burn illness). Cardiopulmonary resuscitation by medical workers was ineffective, the patient's life could not be saved.

"The health condition of the other patient is stable at the moment, he was transferred to the hospital. Considering the surface and depth of the burns, he should still be under dynamic medical supervision," added the minister of health.

Earlier, Armenian reported that there was an explosion and a fire broke out in a YSU building on November 17.

There was one casualty, and three injured persons were hospitalized.

According to the initial theory, the fire was caused by an electricity current fluctuation.

The fire was extinguished.

And the National Center of Burns and Dermatology in Yerevan had informed Armenian that two people—Seyran Bichakhchyan, 70, and Aharon Hakobyan, 65—were brought to them. They were bandaged there and transferred to Armenia Medical Center. They had polytrauma, multi fragmentary injury, third-degree chemical burns.

And another injured person, a police officer, was taken to Heratsi hospital of Yerevan State Medical University.

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