March 03
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Massive reforms in the Armed Forces are taking place in the Republic of Armenia, including reforms based on international experience, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a live press conference in response to a question as to why the models of developed countries are not used in the army.

"We have recently introduced the mechanism of 24-day training camps, one of the goals of which, if we say so, is to go in the direction of the Swiss model. Now, through the certification process, we are significantly raising the salaries of the military personnel so that our military personnel can go through that path,” he said.

In response to the question why he does not talk about all the contracts that harm the country's economy, infrastructure, security, Pashinyan said: "Our policies should be based more on the state interests of Armenia. Be sure, if there is a conclusion that this or that agreement does not correspond to the interests of Armenia, we will not waver and will go that way as well."

When asked why does not the government remove those people from public offices who pose a threat to the country's security and economy, Pashinyan responded: "The state system is very big. The changes that happen there are often not immediately noticeable, but those changes are happening. In many cases, we can get rid of people, because our attitude towards that category is unequivocal, yes, they should be removed from the state-management system.”


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