February 28
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The peaceful demonstration to protect the millennium-old Armenian heritage in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem is still going on. This is noted on the X account of the movement for the protection and preservation of this quarter.

The Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, had leased the area of “Cows' Garden” to a Jewish businessman for 99 years. This decision, however, caused strong opposition both among the Armenians of Jerusalem and the clergy, reaching as far as Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II.

About one month ago, and after long protests, the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem decided to cancel this deal with Australian-Israeli businessman Danny Rubinstein—who owns Xana Capital Group—because this deal violated and may violate the integrity of the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem, as well as it cannot bring material benefit and positive results to the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Since October 26, the Xana Capital Group company has brought tractors that have started illegal constructions on the land. The company's machinery demolished the wall, but the Armenian community and Patriarchate of Jerusalem together stopped the operation of these tractors.

During the last month, the Armenian youth of Jerusalem have been protecting this plot of land, guarding it during the night. In the last week, there have been attacks on members of the Armenian community and the clergy, but the latter are standing firm. During one of the attacks, four Armenian youths were arrested and then released.

Now the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem is taking steps to cancel this contract and return this land to Armenians.

The issue of this plot of land known as "Cows’ Garden" in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem has been described by the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem as "the biggest existential threat" in the 16-century history of the Patriarchate.

Attempts to use violent force and threats are made not only by the other side of this fraudulently signed and problematic contract, but also by the Jerusalem police. Since mid-November, the Armenian community and the Patriarchate of Jerusalem have been united in resistance in response to the imposition of a violent solution to this issue.

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