February 23
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Islamophobia and xenophobia, which have swept over Western societies like poison ivy, are one of the main threats to human rights. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the program "Face of Humanity" dedicated to World Human Rights Day, Anadolu reports.

According to the Turkish president, contrary to the fact that World Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10, human rights are trampled in many parts of the world.

"The segments of Muslims, who make up the majority of migrants, are undoubtedly the ones who suffer the most from the manifestation of xenophobic, racist, discriminatory and fascist practices," Erdogan noted.

Erdogan said the rise in provocations against Muslims and migrants has been observed in many parts of the world, from Canada to the United States, from Europe to Asian countries.

"Western countries legitimized, approved and encouraged anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim actions under the pretext of freedom of thought," Erdogan noted.

The Turkish president said that today the place where the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is grossly violated has become the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories.

"The Israeli authorities, enjoying unlimited support from the West, are committing brutal atrocities and massacres in Gaza, which will make all mankind "blush"," Erdogan said.

At the same time, the Turkish president believes that a just peace is actually possible, but not with the U.S. "Because America is on the side of Israel," he said.

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