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We don't have such a regime of relations: to join or not to join, but on the other hand, we take into account the existing sanctions, because it’s not so that we are pressured or demanded, but if we do not keep the sanctions, it will affect our relations with those countries who impose these sanctions. And we attach importance to our relations with those countries, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with France 24 television, in Paris.

“I am very glad that you ask that question, because, in particular, there are accusations from time to time in the European Union that Armenia does not comply with the sanctions, that Armenia violates the sanctions regime, but I can say that during this time, for the last time in 2023, we had several delegations from the European Union and the United States, the purpose of which was to see how the Republic of Armenia adheres to its international relations and obligations, how it relates to these sanctions. And it should be noted that neither the European Union nor the United States of America have made any reservations towards us. On the contrary, they officially recorded that they have no reservations towards the Republic of Armenia in the context of sanctions.

But since this is not talked about much, we don't raise this topic too much, so to speak, because it is a working issue, unfortunately in a number of EU countries and also in the media, statements are sometimes made to blame Armenia on the basis of misinformation, counter-propaganda provided by some circles about Armenia. But I say again, it has been officially recorded by both the European Union and the United States of America that there is no ground to blame Armenia in this matter”, - said Pashinyan.

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