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Hraparak daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes as follows, in part: Although the [Armenian] authorities accuse the opposition around the clock of being the spy of a foreign state, especially of serving Russia, the “ship” of the power starts to falter; from outside, mainly from the West, they rush to help them. US Assistant Secretary of State James O’Brien was in Yerevan yesterday, who met with the prime minister [Nikol Pashinyan].

Official circles are excited about that visit and say that they have the support of the West, as the plans related to Armenia have not yet been completed: Russia has not yet left the region. And the day before yesterday, it was the US ambassador accredited to the RA who rushed—in a car without a flag—to the besieged parliament to meet with [speaker] Alen Simonyan.

Instead, Russia has zero interest in the [opposition’s] “srbazan” movement [of Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan], and they don't even meet with the opposition. Companies affiliated with the RF are perplexed that they are not getting even the slightest impulse to join the movement, when in 2018, during Nikol’s revolution, everyone was mobilized.

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