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The European Union (EU) monitoring mission in Armenia does more against this country's neighbors—Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran—and conducts openly provocative activities. This was stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin in an interview with

"The fact that the mission is a tool of the EU's hybrid war is confirmed by its secrecy, lack of accountability, and the fact that it is not overseen by either Armenia, Azerbaijan, or any other interested country or organization," said the Russian deputy FM. "The mission conducts an openly provocative activity, engages in anti-Russian propaganda, instilling false ideas in the Armenian society about the European Union as a ‘source of Armenia's security and prosperity.’ Furthermore, their activities acquire an even more anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Iranian character."

According to Galuzin, if we are to talk about long-term regional security, stability and socioeconomic development, then the Western forces’ plans toward militarization of the region and expansion of the EU and NATO's politico-military influence there do not correspond at all.

The high-ranking Russian diplomat noted that his country is in favor of the complete unblocking of economic and transport communications in the South Caucasus.

"This is exactly what the tripartite working group established in 2021 by the decision of the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, under the joint chairmanship of the deputy prime ministers of the three countries, is engaged in," he said.

Galuzin brought attention to the fact that, under pressure from the West, a decision was made in Armenia to freeze trilateral cooperation on this “road” as well.

In Moscow, they consider it necessary to "restore the full work of the group as soon as possible, not only for the unblocking of the transport and communication system in the South Caucasus, but also for the establishment of stable peace and prosperity."

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