July 24
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The vote count didn’t start on time at polling station #9/21 after the end of the elections was heralded since some supporters of the authorities stayed at the polling station and obstructed the work of the electoral commission’s members. The situation is tense inside.

According to the members, Daniel Ioannisyan tore the seal of the ballot box, which is a violation of the law. The members of the commission urged Ioannisyan to leave the premises, but Ioanninsyan failed to submit to them.

Police were called to the polling station and drew up a record. Offensive remarks were heard during the incident. One of the young women called Ioannisyan a homeless person, a prostitute and a homosexual.

Armenian’s correspondent reports that red beret police officers are standing outside, there are a few police cars and several dozens of policemen.

Coordinator of the Union of Informed Citizens Daniel Ioannisyan wrote about this on his Facebook page and particularly stated the following: “The seals on all 3 ballot boxes at polling station #9/21 were loose. I called the attention of the chairperson of the precinct electoral commission, but he insisted that the seals weren’t loose. To prove it, I opened one of the ballot boxes with my finger. The chairperson tore the seal that I had tightened and then, with proxies of “Armenia” bloc, declared that I had opened and tore the seal (during live broadcast). A few hours before this, the self-adhesive papers weren’t placed on the ballot box and only after our observer presented the demand were they placed on the ballot box. While this was going on, one of the proxies made a threat to use violence against me.”

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