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‘Armenia’ bloc’s defeat [in the snap elections] is conditioned by 3 factors. This is what former president of the two Armenian republics (Armenia and Artsakh), leader of the opposition ‘Armenia’ bloc Robert Kocharyan said in an interview with Channel 5, Yerkir TV and Second Armenian Television TV channels.

“This is an issue that troubles not only me, but also many people, including psychologists, political scientists and people who are interested in public life. Nevertheless, there were three decisive factors. The first was the comparison between the old and new and the split of Armenians of Armenia and Armenians of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Another factor was the fact that some people saw a danger when ‘Armenia’ bloc was talking about dignified peace and thought the steps for dignified peace might be dangerous in terms of war. Most importantly, the political force that made the people horrified has become the ‘beneficiary. It really seems that this is illogical, but there is a very deep meaning in this,” he said.

According to Kocharyan, ‘Armenia’ bloc’s goal was to get the people out of this shocking situation. “Our bloc was trying to make the people have hope for and faith in the future. I didn’t see this in the camp of the authorities. They were inciting political tension with their ‘hammers’ and were trying to increase the factors that could have helped change the situation in their favor, and in a way, they succeeded,” he added.

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