June 18
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It is the second time in a year that our parliamentary delegation has come to Yerevan, showing the strength and durability of our relations. President of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg, Claude Wiseler, announced this in his speech from the podium of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia Wednesday, after a joint news conference with NA speaker Alen Simonyan.

"I was here a year ago as a member of our delegation. As the new president of the Luxembourg parliament, I had to come back especially because of what happened in the region after that.

I am addressing you with a big, heavy heart, being aware of the tragic events that shook the Nagorno-Karabakh region. More than 100,000 Armenians were forcibly displaced as a result of the groundless and unjust military operations carried out by Azerbaijan on September 19, 2023.

As guarantors of humanitarian values and fundamental rights, we cannot remain indifferent to this suffering. This event not only caused a large displacement, but also threatens the ancient and antique cultural values of Armenia. Churches, ancient monuments, tombstones are under the threat of destruction and decay, and we cannot remain indifferent to the erasure of Armenia's identity and history.

Ladies and gentlemen, the memory and recognition of historical truth are the most important factors in building the future.

In 2015, at the Armenian Genocide Memorial [in Yerevan], our Chamber of Deputies officially acknowledged the atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire. This recognition was, in our eyes, an important step for justice.

In October 2020, during the second Nagorno-Karabakh war, the Luxembourg parliament passed a motion strongly condemning the hostilities that violated the 1994 ceasefire, and expressed great concern over the resumption of hostilities. Parliamentarians unanimously condemned foreign interference, especially Turkey's military support to Azerbaijan. This tough stance of ours shows that we support peace, stability in all affected communities.

In December of the same year, the Chamber of Deputies reaffirmed its position, stressing that it is of critical importance to launch comprehensive political processes aimed at defining the status of Nagorno-Karabakh. We understand the need to ensure continued access to humanitarian organizations to deliver rapid and appropriate assistance to affected populations.

Let me assure [you] that support for the people of Armenia remains unwavering and resolute. It was in this spirit that last year the parliament of Luxembourg adopted the third motion regarding the situation in Armenia. Our unanimous decision and vote was a testament to our shared values and determination to stand with you on the road to peace.

We want to emphasize our unwavering commitment to the Alma Ata Declaration of 1991, by which Armenia and Azerbaijan will mutually recognize each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty, and this will bring peace and stability to the region,” Wiseler said.

The speaker of the parliament of Luxembourg added that his country and Armenia have a range of shared values, fundamental values and interests.

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