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Armenian community of Syria needs support of Armenian Government

Armenian community of Syria needs support of Armenian GovernmentJuly 13, 2012 | 04:21

YEREVAN. – The Armenian community in Syria wants security guarantees with the assistance of the Armenian Government, member of the National Cultural Union of Aleppo Gevorg Shahinyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

According to him, the Armenian and Syrian Governments are in good relations and that can be used in order to get security guarantees, however the Syrian Army is taking measures to ensure security for the peaceful population.

“Do not believe what the television shows, they want to create an impression that the country is ruined. The Syrian Army does not bombard the peaceful population as television shows, they are only fighting against terrorists,” Shahinyan said.

According to him, currently there is neither war nor peace in Syria. The country is in an undefined situation. The Armenian families in Syria are also in an undefined situation but they are thinking about migrating to Armenia and not to the Western countries. As Shahinyan informed, there are no shootings in Aleppo but clashes occur around the city as it is close to the Syrian – Turkish border through which weapons are carried into the country.

So far the disposition of the Armenian Government is unknown to the Armenians of Syria. According to Shahinyan, earlier Armenian National Carrier Aramvia had ceased Yerevan – Aleppo flights. They were restored a few days ago but the tickets are very expensive.

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