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Diyarbakir Mayor wants to cooperate with Yerevan counterpart

Diyarbakir Mayor wants to cooperate with Yerevan counterpartJuly 17, 2012 | 00:04

Turkish Diyarbakir Mayor Osman Baydemir met with businesswomen from the Armenian and Turkish Women's NGOs. As Armenian News - reports, considering women’s important role in the socio-economic life of both nations, the mayor of Diyarbakir wished them success and bigger achievements.

"Those who begin this cooperation today will be beyond competition after 10 years," said the mayor.

In a conversation with the chairman of Women's Forum NGO Lilit Avetisyan, Baydemir emphasized the role Yerevan had for Kurds; in the years when Turkey banned the Kurdish language, the Kurds of eastern regions of Turkey preserved their language in Yerevan.

"Please, convey my warmest greetings to the mayor of Yerevan. I wish to see Diyarbakir and Yerevan sister cities. We live in a difficult political period, but I hope that in the nearest future we will have the opportunity of cooperation with Yerevan,” said Osman Baydemir.

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