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The conscript Arman Atasyan, who was seriously injured as a result of the shootout on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, regained consciousness, nothing threatens his life. Arman's father, Gurgen Atasyan, told about this.

“Thank God, he has already regained consciousness, he is talking, the doctors say that nothing threatens his life,” he said, noting that Armand had an operation and had a kidney removed.

When asked under what circumstances Arman was wounded, Gurgen Atasyan said that he did not know much about the details. He only knows that there was a battle between Armenian and Azerbaijani servicemen, as a result of which three servicemen were wounded.

“There was fog, there was a battle, and so he was wounded. They took a 7-8 meter position. But this is not a position at all, they just took these children and shoved them into no one knows where. I went through three wars, I know what I am talking about: this is not a position, this is not a trench, this is some abnormal place, ”Gurgen Atasyan said.

Gurgen Atasyan said that his son served 1 year and 1 day when he was wounded. According to Gurgen Atasyan, the security of our servicemen in these positions is not ensured, since the distance between them must be at least 30-40 meters.

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