October 04
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We are not Russia's ally in war with Ukraine. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this in an interview with CNN Prima News television, within the framework of his official visit to the Czech Republic.

The CNN Prima News journalist asked: “And what is Armenia's position regarding the Ukrainian war, Russian aggression on Ukraine, because on the one hand you are Russia's ally, on the other hand we are witnessing very undesirable actions by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.”

In response, the Armenian premier stated: “You said that we are Russia's ally. Of course, this was never said out loud, but I think it is visible. We are not Russia's ally in the war with Ukraine. And our feeling from that war, from that conflict, is anxiety because it directly affects all our relationships.

“In the West they notice that we are Russia's ally, they mostly notice it, in Russia they see that we are not their ally in the Ukraine war, and it turns out that we are not anyone's ally in this situation, which means that we are vulnerable. Because, it seems that there is an option to avoid among all these collisions, but also the truth is that the more complicated the situation, the narrower the chances for avoiding. We are avoiding not because we don't have opinions about the situation, but we're avoiding it because of what I said a moment ago, that our concerns are, unfortunately, more than they will allow us to be more involved in coping with other problems.”

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