December 10
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Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: As expected, the anti-Russian policy of Armenia’s authorities is bearing its "fruits," and yesterday, it can be said, another strong step was taken [in that regard]: the Rome Statute was ratified [by the Armenian parliament]. On the eve of its ratification, the spokesman of RF [(Russian Federation)] President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, had said that they would consider it as an extremely hostile move towards them. 

One of our compatriots from Russia told yesterday that the Armenians living in the RF, who are engaged in business, are very worried about these developments. On the day of the ratification of the statute, the [Russian] tax authorities started raiding some organizations belonging to Armenians.

It was reported that one of the big food chains [in Russia] contacted the supplier from Armenia and said that it will not accept the product in the near future—not to bring. Trucks loaded with [Armenian] brandy at [the Upper] Lars [checkpoint on the Georgian-Russian border] were told that brandy expertise would last 1-3 months. 

But the greatest concern concerns the Armenians living in Russia, who number more than one million. At the moment, according to our RF sources, there are at least 30,000 Armenians in Russia who have no status—are not registered, have no right to live and work [in Russia], but with the tacit consent of the RF authorities, they were allowed to live and work in Russia; and they will be the first to be deported [from Russia]. Moreover, the deportations will be accompanied by being detained, detention in solitary confinement, and expulsion without the right to return.

Then they [i.e. the Russian authorities] will start letting go Armenian employees from various institutions, even if they are RF citizens. 

And it may happen that another several hundred thousand Armenians living in Russia will be added to the 100 thousand Armenian refugees who arrived in Armenia from Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)].

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