February 24
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I believe that Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan want to establish good relations with each other. Emre Diner, director of foreign news department of Turkish news agency TGRT, stated this at the expert forum on the topic of "New Regional Realities and The ‘Crossroads of Peace.’"

Diner noted the need to close the bad chapters of history.

Armenia and Turkey can exchange ambassadors; this is important for the development of relations between the two countries. Moreover, there is no need for mediators; the two countries have to organize the dialogue ourselves. Some countries help, but there is no need for it, Diner emphasized.

In his conviction, the Armenian and Turkish people want to see that the relations between the two countries are normalized.

Armenia is a beautiful country, Diner said, adding that he would like to live in peace with Armenia, and he is convinced that the Turks should live in peace with Armenians. 

Also, he made a reference to Turkish President Erdogan saying, peace in the South Caucasus is important and it is not difficult to achieve it. 

Armenians and Turks are historically related to each other. Many Armenians live in Turkey’s Istanbul, Mus, and Malatya cities, the Turkish journalist noted, adding that he lives in Istanbul, his neighbor is Armenian, and they must respect each other.

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