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YEREVAN. –  Cigaronne, an Armenian cigarette producer, has introduced a new groundbreaking product, the quality indicators of which can make a revolution in the international tobacco market, company's representative told Armenian News- correspondent.

Thanks to processing technology developed by the company, the experts managed to remove carcinogens containing nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine from the tobacco – the move that will dramatically reduce the likelihood of disease caused by smoking.

“The tests continued for a year and a half. The expert opinion on the absence of toxic substances  was provided by the relevant agency. Bitter taste, smell in the mouth as well as cough disappear as a result of the technology. This was proved by cigarette tasting,” he said.

The company also designed and patented a three-layer composite filter containing perlite that will be used in a new product. Perlite provides absorption of up to 90% of tar and nicotine contained in cigarettes, as well as provides full microfiltration of pollutants produced from the combustion  that  reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is proved that perlite absorbs phenolic compounds, hydroquinone and resorcinol that are harmful for human health.

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