November 30
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YEREVAN. – President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has addressed speaker of Armenian parliament Galust Sahakyan informing about his decision to recall Armenia-Turkey protocols from the parliament.

“Dear Mr. Sahakyan,

When we initiated the process of normalizing relations between Armenia and Turkey without preconditions, we were fully aware of all possible development scenarios. We were ready for both comprehensive nominalization of relations and failure scenarios, because we had nothing to hide, and it would become clear to the international community which party bore the responsibility for Europe’s last closed border and for the missed opportunity.

It is already six years since the Armenia-Turkey Protocols were signed. During the entire period, Armenia has always demonstrated a consistent approach in bringing the protocols to life.

However, we have to state the lack of Turkish authorities’ political will, the distortion of the letter and spirit of the protocols and the continuous stimulation of preconditions. Simultaneously, as the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide approaches, the policy of negationism and historical revisionism is gaining new momentum.

I have spoken many times about the non-inexhaustibility of time, including from the podium of the UN General Assembly in September 2014. I repent that the Turkish leadership failed to listen to Armenia’s exhortation.

Hence, I have made a decision to recall from the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, the Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey and the Protocol on Development of Relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey which were signed on the 10th of October of 2009 in Zurich.”

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